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The Muirlands Foundation organizes multiple student and community-building events and programs throughout the year, and we encourage parents and guardians and our entire community to join us in whatever capacity you can. We have varying opportunities to volunteer for all levels of interests and time commitments, and any efforts to help are welcome. If you have any questions or want to get involved at any point during the year, please contact us at


Requirements for Volunteering on the Muirlands Campus

Muirlands Middle School requires that all visitors who volunteer on school premises must first complete the San Diego Unified School District’s Volunteer Form. This volunteer form must be completed each school year, so even if you have filled it out in the past or have submitted to other SDUSD schools, it must be filled out and submitted to the Muirlands front office for the current school year.

Additionally, Muirlands requires the submission of a proof of negative TB test (obtained from any health professional). Completed volunteer forms & TB tests can be emailed to the Muirlands administration ( or submitted in-person at the Muirlands front office.

The first time you come onto campus to volunteer, you must provide the front office with a valid driver's license or ID to be scanned, and then you will receive a visitor’s badge. Every subsequent visit to campus, you are required to sign into the Raptor computer system in the front office and receive a visitor’s badge.


Volunteer in the Muirlands Library

The Muirlands library is open to students during lunch period, and there is an ongoing need for volunteers to assist the librarian with daily tasks and projects during this time. If you are interested in volunteering in the library during lunch hours, make sure you have filled out all the required paperwork to be eligible to be on campus (see details above) and then email to request the sign-up schedule. Visit the Library Volunteer webpage for additional information.

Volunteer to be part of the Muirlands Foundation

If you have interest in helping out on an ongoing basis with the foundation or are interested in a position for the following year, please email or

LJAWF Volunteers

This annual fundraiser needs your gift of time. Click here LJAWF Volunteers to sign up for a volunteer shift to help out this super fun event.

“One of the greatest gifts you can give is your time.”

Thank you to our sponsors...

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