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Who are we?

Muirlands Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the middle school experience through financial and volunteer support as well as community building for the students, staff, and parents of Muirlands Middle School.  The Foundation was established in 1989.


Through financial contributions and volunteer efforts, Muirlands Foundation, Inc. supports projects, programs, and equipment that enhance teaching and learning for the 800+ students of Muirlands Middle School.



How We Raise Our Money:

Muirlands Gives Campaign-our annual giving campaign, Business Sponsorships, Specific Driven Campaigns-this year’s history book campaign, and the La Jolla Art & Wine Festival which raises money for all 5 of our schools in the La Jolla Cluster

Examples of Muirlands Foundation at Work

Financially Supporting Teaching and Learning:

  • After school tutoring available to all students

  • Teaching Assistants to help meet the challenge of class sizes

  • Mini-grants for classroom teachers

  • Sets of textbooks for home use so students don’t have to carry heavy texts home daily

  • Quality, in-depth professional development for teachers

  • Curriculum enhancements such as robotic kits and microscope maintenance for science classrooms

  • Books for the school library

  • 2nd Vice Principal last year and this year

  • Social Emotional Learning with the “Agents of Change” series


Building Community on Campus:

  • Sending informative weekly e-newsletters to the school community (eSplash)

  • Organizing the Orientations Day Sign-Up

  • Organizing daily volunteers for the library

  • Back to School BBQ in Sept.

  • Supporting after-school clubs

  • Organizing teacher appreciation events

  • "Muirlands Rocks" community event

  • Participating in La Jolla Art & Wine Festival

  • Organizing 8th grade activities

Supporting and Organizing Campus Beautification:

  • Commissioning community art projects such as campus murals

  • Potted plants and benches placed around campus

  • Organizing Campus clean up efforts


Thank you to our sponsors...

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