The Annual Muirlands’ Fitness Challenge is coming to P.E. classes on Friday, February 7th!!!


The purpose of the Fitness Challenge is for students to set personal exercise goals and get a good physical workout, while also supporting the Muirlands P.E. Department.  Funds will go toward the maintenance of our P.E. facilities, unique Fitness Lab, P.E. equipment, and swim program held at the Coggan Family Aquatic Complex.

During the event, students are encouraged to run as many laps as they can during their P.E. class period.  Students should set a personal goal and work hard toward achieving their goal. Fundraising is voluntary and appreciated.  Prize donations can be dropped off at the Muirlands office or by emailing rwood@sandi.net.  

The voluntary fundraising period will extend from February 4th through February 27th.  To be eligible for awards, the sponsor sheets and pledges are due to P.E. teachers no later than Thursday, February 27th.

Click HERE to download and print a pledge sheet.