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Flower Power

In order to demonstrate our ongoing appreciation of teachers and staff, Muirlands Foundation volunteer Julie Cockrell started the "Flower Power" program several years ago. Each week, one family brings a vase of flowers to the office for everyone to enjoy, often accompanied by a note from the student and/or parent. Every week is different. Following is a recent example of content that was handwritten in the lovely card in the photo below.

I’m a 6th grader and my teachers are: Minnicks, Hunt, Latta, Jones, and Rosecrans. I loved Mrs. Minnics but only knew her for a little while. Now I have Mrs. Graham who is very energetic and devoted and I’d like to thank Mr. Klein for spending a lot of time looking for this good sub. I am all over Mrs. Hunt. She’s awesome and has a great sense of humor. Latta “Better” cracks me up. She’s incredibly creative and always has a dance for everything (which totally helps). Jones, Mrs. Jones makes you feel really smart because we have these class discussions. Mr. Rosecrans is great at math and his impression of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Please click the link below to sign up for Flower Power and help us express our gratitude for our teachers and staff.

flower power.jpg

Appreciation One Petal at a Time

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